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CuBraClean 6160

Additive for Sulphuric Acid Tank
Solvent: Water
Dilution: 5%-10% by volume to Sulphuric Acid Tank


Product Description



  • Soil Breaking
  • Brightening & Color Stain Removal
  • Odor Elimination
  • Improved soil dispersion
  • Environmentally friendly

Dilution Guidelines (%)

CUBRACLEAN 6160 is engineered to be used at a 8% concentration with a 5% sulfuric acid solution at ambient temperatures to 90 ºF. Cleaning times range from 15 to 30 seconds. CUBRACLEAN 6160 may be used in a soak tank or a power spray washer. Plastic tanks can be used.

CUBRACLEAN 6160 is designed to remove oxidation, stains, and tarnish from any copper or copper alloy. Typical applications for CUBRACLEAN 6160 include removing annealing scale,

staining from metal forming lubricants, and oxidation from improper storage.

Handling and Storage:
CUBRACLEAN 6160 is a strong oxidizer. Store in a clean, dry area, indoors away from combustible, flammable materials, or heat. Avoid contaminating the drum. Read the MSDS for additional information

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