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  • Will not scratch Fine Surfaces
  • Harmless to Hands when Handle properly
  • Non-Flammable
  • Cleans Thoroughly
  • Shines Brilliantly
  • Not for use on painted or lacquered surfaces
  • Save Time & effort. Works quickly to clean and polish. No hard rubbing necessary

Product Description

Gen Polish 3000 is a mild abrasive cleaner and metal  polish developed to remove water stains and oxidation from ALL METAL surfaces and other unpainted surfaces with a minimal amount of rubbing. Gen  Polish 3000 is safe to use on brass, copper, bronze, pewter, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, ceramic tile, porcelain, and glass. Gen  Polish 3000- metal polish  cleans two ways: mechanically and chemically without the use of acids or other harsh chemicals. Unlike most metal polishes Gen  Polish 3000-metal polish is not flammable. Gen  Polish 3000 produces a high degree of brilliance on shinny surfaces and a rich glow on lustrous metals. It is completely harmless to your skin. Gen Polish 3000-metal polish  leaves no residue or dust, and does not “rainbow” stainless steel.