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Rolube 6001

Lubricant for Copper and Copper Alloys. Forms an emulsion with water. Used forĀ  Copper/Brass and Aluminum stamping , drawing, machining and extruding. Also usedĀ  for Tube/Mill for tube forming and quenching.


Product Description

Rolube 6001 is an emulsifiable rolling lubricant concentrate which, when added to water forms an oil in water emulsion. It is the world standard rolling lubricant for nonferrous materials. Rolube 6001 is used as a lubricant for the hot rolling of aluminum and the hot and cold rolling of copper, brass, and other non-ferrous metals. Rolube 6001 is compounded from high quality base oils, lubricity and other additives to provide excellent lubricity and emulsion stability, to yield a product that meets the demands of the metal rolling industry. It provides superior, consistent surface finishes, effective cooling, and exceptional lubricity that allow large reductions and higher rolling speeds. Rolube 6001 emulsions prevent metal pick-up on rolls and has good bite properties. Rolube 6001 emulsions leave no residue after annealing. Rolube 6001does not absorb tramp oil and allows rapid settling of metallic fines. Rolube 6001 is also used for machining and stamping non-ferrous metals.